Case Histories: Cost and Time Savings Achieved through Thermal Integrity Profiling

Construction and installation of concrete piles and deep foundations is a challenging task. Problems may occur during the process, which in turn results in defects or anomalies such as: pile formation problems, concrete faults, and reinforcement installation issues. The resulting defects can negatively impact the durability and mechanical performance of the pile. Pile Integrity Tests are a group of non-destructive test methods that are used by geotechnical engineers and contractors to for quality control and quality assurance of deep foundations and piles. This article describes some of the most important NDT methods for evaluating pile integrity.

Concrete piles and drilled shafts are an important category of foundations. Despite their relatively high cost, they become necessary when we want to transfer the loads of a a heavy superstructure (bridge, high rise building, etc.) to the lower layers of soil. In general, Pile Integrity refers to certain characteristics of deep foundations and piles such as:

  • Physical Dimensions of Pile (Length or Cross-Section);
  • Continuity of Pile (presence of Voids or Major Cracks); and
  • Consistency of the Pile Material.


Pile Dynamics , Inc

Event Details

Speaker :- Mr. Ryan Allin, P.E , Senior Engineer , PDI

Date :- 18th August 2020

Time :- 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM (IST)

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